JiDU to Unveil Robot Concept Car on June 8

JiDU, a company jointly developed by Baidu and Geely, announced on Monday that it will hold an launch event on June 8 at which time it will unveil its robot concept car.

JiDU said the vehicle was inspired by spaceships and has a high-level of autonomous driving capabilities on highways and city roads, in addition to an ultra-intelligent front console.

This vehicle will have L4-level autonomous driving ability and will serve almost like a co-pilot to drivers. Furthermore, based on AI and big data technology, it will have the ability to learn on its own and evolve as it needs.

JiDU upgraded its SIMU Car (Software Integration Mule Car) to version 2.0 at the end of February this year. This upgrade means that JiDU’s intelligent driving and intelligent console software are integrated with its independently developed electronic and electrical architecture and operating system integration.

At present, both the Nvidia Orin and Hesai AT128 semi-solid-state LiDARs systems have been installed on the vehicles to participate in the integrated autonomous driving system’s test.

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JiDU’s first model for mass-production will be launched in 2023. At present, the company has started the pre-research phases of follow-up models, while its second vehicle for mass-production is expected to be released at Auto Guangzhou at the end of this year.