JD Logistics Releases 5G Automated Warehouse to Realize Automatic Management and Operation of Entire Logistics Process

JD Logistics made an announcement regarding its 5G automated warehouse on Wednesday. The intelligent warehouse has been jointly completed by JD Logistics, China Telecom Beijing Branch, China Telecom Research Institute, UNISOC and ZTE.

The firm said that its intelligent warehouse relies on a collaborative system of smart IoT devices, edge computing, cloud computing, the 5G network and its self-developed system to realize automatic management and operation of the logistics process.

In addition, unlike the traditional intelligent warehouses, which use Wifi networks as the communication infrastructure for mobile devices, JD Logistics’ 5G automated warehouse combines the technical features of 5G with logistics process scenarios such as warehousing operation, monitoring and maintenance.

The 5G automated intelligent warehouse will connect the robots with cloud computing, which will divert the complex computing of operation terminals to the edge computing and cloud, so as to reduce the computing complexity and hardware cost of equipment terminals.

According to reports, based on the stable connection capability of 5G, the business interruption caused by roaming switching in warehousing operations will be significantly reduced. Robots connected with cloud computing will also effectively reduce the cost of local computing power by more than 80%. Moreover, there is no need to replace hardware for subsequent business upgrades.

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JD Logistics said that at present, logistics has become an important industry supporting the development of the national economy. However, in the face of rising labor costs, low efficiency and safety problems in current goods handling, increasing the use of smart logistics equipment and improving the automation of warehousing have become an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of the logistics industry.