JD Introduces 1.5 Million Reusable Express Packages

On April 22nd, JD Logistics announced that it will gradually introduce 1.5 million units of reusable express packaging and promote a shared recycling model for such packaging. By the end of 2024, this initiative alone will reduce over 100 million disposable packages including cardboard boxes, foam boxes, plastic bags and more.

JD Logistics stated that it will focus on using reusable insulated turnover boxes and green flow boxes (stackable hollow board boxes), and explore the application of reusable express packaging bags in specific scenarios.

The reusable packaging will adopt standardized sizes and cancel brand element printing, which will help achieve resource sharing and pattern sharing within the industry.

JD Logistics will deploy reusable packaging on a large scale in more than 30 cities nationwide, using reusable packaging for personal delivery and merchant collection at JD Express stations, and giving priority to same-city delivery services.

At the same time, JD Logistics will also collaborate with multiple brand merchants to use reusable boxes for packaging during factory production and processing, striving to integrate product packaging with express packaging through structural design and eliminating secondary packaging operations in logistics.

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In 2017, JD Logistics officially launched the “Green Stream Initiative”. As of the end of 2022, in the area of green packaging, JD Logistics has normalized the use of 700,000 reusable insulated boxes in 18 cities across China.

Additionally, 200,000 recyclable Green Stream boxes have been deployed in 30 cities. These two types of reusable packaging have been used over a total of more than 220 million times.