JD.com VP and JDX Department President Xiao Jun Leaves Firm

According to a report by LatePost on Wednesday, Xiao Jun, Vice President of JD.com and President of JDX Department, has recently departed from the company. JDX Department, established in 2016, is the technical lab of JD.com, China’s largest online retailer, responsible for studying smart warehousing and logistics systems and unmanned technology.

Xiao Jun has worked at JD.com for more than 14 years. He joined the company in 2007 and participated in the design of its early front-end website and supply chain system. Since then, he has presided over the design and development of JD Logistics’ “Qinglong System” and warehousing system.

During his tenure as President of JDX Department, he was responsible for the technical development of unmanned vehicles, unmanned warehouses, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned supermarkets and other projects of JD.com.

At present, JDX Department has been temporarily handed over to Wang Qiang, Vice President of JD.com and head of JD Logistics Intelligent Supply Chain Platform.

In 2017, JD Logistics opened its services to businesses and individual users across society. In the first half of this year, the company achieved a total revenue of 48.5 billion yuan ($7.57 billion), of which external customers contributed a revenue of 26.5 billion yuan, accounting for 54.7% of total revenue. Its current market value is 206.4 billion yuan.

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China’s express delivery market is divided by STO Express, YTO Express, ZTO Express, Best Express, JD Logistics, SF Express, J&T Express and other logistics companies. At the end of October, J&T Express and Best Express announced that the latter’s delivery business in China had been acquired by the former, for a price of 6.8 billion yuan.