JD.com: PLUS Members Have Surpassed 30 Million

On August 22, Beijing-based e-commerce company JD.com announced that as of July 2022, the number of “PLUS” members on its platform had exceeded 30 million, making it the largest paid membership system in the industry.

“Being the first paid membership system in China’s e-commerce sector, JD.com PLUS is now a joint premium membership program with more than 1,200 famous brands, creating an entitlement ecology covering the whole scene online and offline,” said Lin Chen, the vice president of JD Group and head of JD Retail Platform Business Center.

JD.com PLUS offers users more than 10 exclusive shopping rights and benefits, including the “PLUS 5% discount,” and more than 110 “life privileges” services, including videos, music, reading, travel, hotels, cinema and restaurants, as well as 12 “co-branded cards.”

Consumption data from JD.com show that when ordinary users become PLUS members, the amount and frequency of consumption within one year are increased by more than 150% and 120% respectively year-on-year. During China’s popular 618 shopping festival this year, PLUS members accounted for nearly 50% of all new product transaction users. Also, the consumption activity of PLUS members in JD Health and JD Fresh is higher, driving high growth of business.

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In addition, 80% of JD.com PLUS members are family users, and they spend for clothing, food, housing and transportation needs for hundreds of millions of family members. Since this year, the rights and benefits of “360 yuan freight coupon for the whole year” have saved PLUS members nearly 1.8 billion yuan in freight costs, and the co-branded cards have saved PLUS members 1.18 billion yuan in total. The 24-hour online “exclusive customer service for PLUS members” has reportedly served more than 30 million queries.

For the first time this year, JD.com PLUS has opened the operation portal to the third-party merchants by establishing the “PLUS Operation Center,” providing them with exclusive marketing tools and traffic support rights. Merchants can select products based on the “PLUS Preference Index” and set exclusive prices for members to improve operational efficiency.