Internet Summit Hosted in Central China by Tech Unicorn Company APUS

Executives and experts from China’s top Internet companies gathered in central China’s Zhengzhou city in Henan Province to discuss the development of the global Internet ecosystem and how to push the industry further in the inland province of Henan. 

The summit was hosted by APUS, a unicorn technology company from China specializing in Android development and information services. Guests included executives from Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Effie Awards and others.

This year’s global pandemic has slowed down and reshaped economies everywhere, and Henan Province is no exception. How to understand and take advantage of the new economic environment under the new norms has become the key to making industry breakthroughs. 

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The Internet industry has gone into overtime and all players have to pay more attention to innovative models, said Yuanyuan Jia, Tencent’s Internet service sales director. 

Lei Mu, Baidu spider-cpro’s business director said the competition between products of online applications has become increasingly intense post-pandemic. Products need to expand and develop new businesses with concerns of the ecosystem to avoid monotonous utility and stereotypes. These online products demand integrated and intelligent platforms too, Mu said.  

The summit also featured a panel where corporate executives and experts talked about how the digital industry in Henan Province can grow more efficiently with higher-quality content, communication and better connection with users and services.