Intel And Baidu To Collaborate In AI, Autonomous Driving and 5G

The multinational tech giant Intel signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Chinese tech company Baidu for a three-year relationship in Baidu‘s core business areas on July 30.

Intel will provide products and technologies to support Baidu in upgrading Baidu‘s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, including cloud services, autonomous driving and optimizing Intel’s platforms as well as solutions.

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More specifically, the two will optimize Intel technology for a wide range of Baidu platforms, products and services, such as Baidu‘s AI cloud, mobile search/feed, video streaming, the AI platform BaiduBrain, the deep learning platform PaddlePaddle, the autonomous driving platform Apollo and the voice assistant platform DuerOS.

The deal will also leverage various Intel technologies, including power and cooling solutions in the data center, the Xeon Scalable platform, the Optane DC Persistent Memory, Optane DC SSD, silicon photonics, ethernet, AI accelerators and the Intel software stack.

Baidu has been working on its autonomous driving technology to consolidate its position as a tech giant in China. Over 300 self-driving cars have finished over 2 million kilometers L4 test driving in 13 cities, according to Baidu vice president Li Zhenyu at Baidu Create 2019.