Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition Camera Debuts

The ONE RS 1-inch 360 edition camera, jointly designed by Insta360 and Leica, was officially released on Tuesday. The device is equipped with two 1-inch sensors, combining imaging quality with a portable body.

As the first panorama camera jointly designed with Leica, the new product is equipped with two sensors in the front and rear. They have a dynamic range and night scene capture capabilities, and can clearly capture dark details and balance light and shade. The camera can take high-resolution 6K full-motion videos and 21MP panoramic photos.

The ONE RS 1-inch 360 edition (Source: Insta360)

PureShot HDR mode has been added to the device, and AI algorithms are used to help obtain a higher dynamic range. Without more post-editing, users will get what they see. This provides users with advanced natural texture images.

The new device is equipped with FlowState anti-shake technology and a 360-level correction function, so that filming can be stable and smooth. With a selfie stick, creators can shoot the third-person perspective with the help of algorithms.

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This device is equipped with a replaceable battery with a capacity of 1350mAh. It can shoot continuously for up to 62 minutes in 6K 30fps mode. It also supports shooting while charging, thus enabling long-term and high-intensity shooting. The weight is only 239 grams, suitable for shooting while walking. It has relevant functional interfaces – MSDK, SDK and OSC – and adapts to iOS and Android platforms to help industry users better release the application potential of the 360 camera.

In addition, the 1-inch 360 edition camera continues the modular system of the Insta360 ONE RS, and the new Leica lens is compatible with existing ONE R/RS devices. It can adopt different lenses to meet more shooting needs. Subsequent upgrades provide more convenience. This verifies the potential and possibility of modular design.

Insta360 also announced on Wednesday an in-depth cooperation with Chinese short video platform Kuaishou. Users can now use Insta360’s camera to shoot panoramic videos or hold live-streaming in panoramic form and then upload to Kuaishou’s platform with one click. At the same time, both parties are also improving the video creation and playback technology of panoramic videos in an effort to bring a clearer, smoother and more interesting audio-visual experience to users.