Insta360 Launches ONE RS Modular Action Camera

Shenzhen-based camera manufacturer Insta360 released its multi-lens anti-shake sports camera, the “ONE RS” on Thursday. The firm claims the device can meet various shooting needs with the swap of a lens. As the second modular action camera launched by the company, the ONE RS is equipped with a brand-new 4K wide-angle boost lens, an optimized chip, and increased battery capacity.

The ONE RS adopts a modular design, and users can choose a 4K wide-angle boost lens, 360-degree 5.7K footage and one-inch wide-angle lens. It can shoot 360-degree videos, and ultra-high definition wide-angle videos without changing cameras.

The Insta360 ONE RS is equipped with an upgraded 4K wide-angle lens offering 1/2″48MP image sensor, which can capture 4K 60fps video and 48 megapixel photos. The newly added Active HDR mode is specially developed for stabilizing shaky footage and retaining subtlety in the highlights and shadows. In addition, the ONE RS also introduced a new 6K widescreen mode. This mode adopts the classic aspect ratio of 2.35:1, which can shoot 6K movies exhibiting a super visual texture with one click.

(Source: Insta360)

Switching the 360-degree lens, the camera can shoot 5.7K HD full-motion videos. The one-inch wide-angle lens is jointly designed by Insta360 and Leica. It has the largest image sensor among action cameras and can shoot 5.3K wide-angle videos.

In addition, the performance of the ONE RS chip is also newly upgraded, which brings a more powerful in-machine anti-shake performance. When used with the wide-angle lens, the MP4 format videos with FlowState anti-shake effect can be directly generated by the camera without post-processing by other mobile or PC apps.

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The battery module capacity of the ONE RS has increased by 21% and is upgraded to 1445 mAh. The wide-angle lens can shoot 4K 30fps video in FlowState mode for up to 88 minutes, and the 360-degree lens can shoot 5.7K 30fps full-motion video for up to 82 minutes.

A mic is added to the main module, and the sound reception of three mics is matched with the new wind noise reduction algorithm, which captures detailed audio. A new “instant zoom” feature has been added, which can be used with the wide-angle lens to zoom to 2.7 times in real time and flexibly control the distance of the main body. The wi-fi transmission rate of the camera is increased by up to 50%, making footage and photo transmission more efficient.

At present, the ONE RS has been officially released in three versions. The “Twin Edition,” including 4K wide-angle boost lens and the 360-degree lens, starts at $549.99. The “4K Edition” starts at $299.99, while the “One-Inch Edition” starts at $549.99.