Insta360 Launches New X3 Action Camera

On September 8, Shenzhen-based camera company Insta360 launched a new 360-degree action camera called the X3. The price of this product in China is 2,998 yuan ($432).

The X3 can capture 5.7K 360-degree videos, and content can later be edited through AI tools in the Insta360 app, with intuitive reframing techniques for making magic out of the action.

X3 (Source: Insta360)

The X3 is equipped with 1/2-inch 48MP sensors in front and back, which can take 72MP photos. It also supports a single-lens mode. When shooting with a single lens, the X3 can shoot ultra-clear wide-angle videos of up to 4K 30fps, and obtain wide-angle shots of 2.7 K 170-degree in the extremely wide gear. The single-lens mode allows the X3 to record motion highlights from the first-person perspective, like a conventional motion camera.

The new device is equipped with a 2.29-inch super-large tempered glass touch screen, which can play back photos and videos without connecting a smartphone, and greatly enhance the operation experience of the touch interface. At the same time, the device has several buttons to realize vibration feedback.

X3 (Source: Insta360)

The X3 can also capture 360-degree video with active HDR, which is specially designed for video shooting in panoramic mode. Traditional HDR is not suitable for fast moving scenarios, and the picture in highlight areas tends to shake, while the X3 can keep more highlights and shadow details, and it can also provide super stabilization effect for the picture, which is suitable for daily life records.

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With updates on performance, the battery life of the X3 is also strong. Equipped with a larger battery capacity of 1800mAh, the X3 will achieve 81 minutes when recording 360-degree action video in 5.7K at the 30fps mode.

In addition, the X3’s waterproof grade is as high as IPX8, which can realize 10-meter waterproofing out of the box. With lens guards, 50-meter waterproofing can be realized.

According to the latest report from Frost & Sullivan, Insta360 ranks among the top two in the global sports camera market in 2021, with the advantages of 360-degree shots and anti-shake technology. Its market share in the field of 360-degree cameras has climbed to 41% in the world, ranking first.