Infinix Mobile, Under the Transsion Group, Launches Its First Power Management Chip

Under the control of Transsion Holdings, Infinix Mobile recently announced the launch of its first self-developed power management chip, Cheetah X1.

Infinix stated that the chip will serve as the foundation for its upcoming NOTE 40 series smartphones, featuring the new All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology. The Infinix NOTE series adopts innovative all-round fast charging technology to meet users’ needs.

According to reports, the Cheetah X1 integrates three powerful modules designed to support the multi-functional All-Round FastCharge 2.0. By integrating functions through protocol integration, charging adjustment, and other methods, it adapts to eight charging scenarios including up to 100W fast wired charging, wireless charging, wired reverse charging, wireless reverse charging, bypass charging, night-time AI charging protection, -20°C extreme temperature technology and multi-protocol charging.

The chip contains a high-precision power monitoring module, which can detect current and voltage in real time and adjust the charging amount to ensure the balance of charging efficiency and temperature control, thereby protecting battery life and maintaining the health of the phone; while the security module integrates 63 protective measures, covering almost all potential unsafe charging scenarios.

In addition, Cheetah X1 also adopts wafer-level packaging technology, significantly reducing the size of the chip. This technology shortens the signal transmission path and minimizes electrical signal delay to enhance electrical performance, especially in high-speed data transmission and high-frequency applications. Therefore, the unit processing efficiency of this chip has increased by 204%.

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