Industrial Next Secures $12M in Pre-A Financing

Industrial Next, a manufacturing technology services provider, announced on Monday the completion of a pre-A round of financing in which it garnered $12 million.

The leading investors in this round were Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group, while co-investors were Xiaomi‘s strategic investment department and Axpfund. The firm’s existing shareholders, MiraclePlus and YC from the US, also joined in the round. The funds will be mainly used for technology R&D, market expansion and other purposes.

Industrial Next is an advanced manufacturing technology services provider dedicated to helping OEMs build their own factories and providing a new generation of production line technology. Its core products include process intelligence technology, MES and MOS (Material Operating System) software, and so on. It hopes to improve, upgrade and popularize the production line technology that has been verified in Tesla, and focuses on serving emerging OEM manufacturers of new energy vehicles around the world.

At present, the penetration rate of NEVs is rising. It is estimated that the annual sales penetration rate of NEVs will reach about 50% in 2025. The full-year penetration rate in 2021 was 14.8%. With much room for further improvement, traditional automobile manufacturers and new energy automakers are pursuing rapid factory construction and production capacity expansion. Auto factories are faced with problems such as short product verification cycles, urgent production expansion cycles and frequent process technology updates.

Industrial Next chooses to start with robotic workstations in factories. It starts with the intelligence of each basic manufacturing unit, then changes the structure of the whole factory from bottom to top, to enhance the flexible production capacity of the factory.

To endow robot arms in the workstation with adaptivity, Industrial Next has developed a complete closed-loop software and hardware product dubbed “perception-decision-execution.”

After realizing single intelligent workstations, Industrial Next can help enterprises to optimize their overall production lines, and real-time information interaction can be carried out between upstream and downstream workstations, thus realizing process mergers to reduce the number of workstations and achieve real-time adjustment of processes to solve production bottlenecks and achieve capacity balance.

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In terms of development planning, Industrial Next is mainly focusing on R&D and popularizing intelligent technology of robot workstations, and it will further develop the next generation of mobile robot workstations and independent factory software technology, then apply them in the market.