Industrial Mobile Robot Firm Youibot Robotics Wins Financing of Over $47 Million

Youibot Robotics, a Chinese industrial mobile robot company, announced on Tuesday that it has recently completed Series B financing, with a total amount exceeding 300 million yuan ($47 million). The two rounds in the series were led by FG Venture and Xicheng Jinrui, respectively, followed by shareholders including IDG, Green Pine Capital Partners, SIG and BlueRun Ventures. Its early investment has attracted institutions including Zhen Fund and C&I Capital.

As a leading provider of mobile robot solutions in China, Youibot Robotics is deeply involved in precision electronic manufacturing and energy industries based on industrial logistics and intelligent management. The company has maintained its market advantage in the fields of semiconductors and power plants.

Up to now, Youibot Robotics has secured partnerships with many well-known global brands, such as Luxshare Precision and ASM. Its business covers covers 26 provinces and cities in China, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain and Germany.

Based on the technical support of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) positioning and navigation algorithms, Youibot Robotics claims to be one of the few mobile robot manufacturers with positioning accuracy of ± 2 mm in the world. In addition, the software and hardware integration solution created by the company not only meets the customized production needs of enterprises, but also realizes digital production and information management.

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At present, the integrated software and hardware solutions of Youibot Robotics have been widely used by customers across the semiconductor, 3C, power and IDC industries. In a 36,000-㎡ frame factory of a precision electronics manufacturing leading enterprise, Youibot Robotics applied 150 mobile robots and its YOUI TMS system to build an unmanned workshop, completed the upgrade of the clients production logistics, improving production efficiency and profits.