Huawei Smart Home 2.0 System to Be Announced July 4

Huawei, a global supplier of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, announced on Tuesday that its Smart Home 2.0 system will be launched at the summer launch event of new products on July 4.

The previous generation of products in this series was released in March this year but the Huawei Smart Home is a whole house of intelligent features. Huawei said that the Smart Home is the AI center of the home and realizes a broad cross-system management in the home. The company’s slogan boasts that “Huawei Smart Home has more than 1900 partners and more than 4500 smart items to build a broadly integrated HarmonyOS Connect ecology. In 2022, 500 stores will be built nationwide, and Huawei smart devices in the home will be reached at a touch and available to everybody.”

The Huawei Smart Home console SE has realized the serialization of a console, reducing users’ costs and covering more families. Its volume is reduced by 95% while it is flexible enough to match with the central control panel and to be installed on a hanging screen in order to become a console within a screen. At the same time, it supports access up to 128 PLC devices and supports local control while disconnected. In addition, interfaces for security sensors, property intercom systems and interactive panels have been added to sustain the connection between the home intelligence center and interactive core.

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Huawei Smart Home adopts an intelligent central control screen with six main controls, including: scene, lighting, sunshade, fresh air, floor heating and air conditioning. At different times of the day, AI can implement active judgment in order to allocate suitable home environment settings for users.

In terms of selling price, the price of the typical apartment (2 rooms and 1 living room) of the previous generation Huawei Smart Home started at 39,999 yuan ($5971.85).