Huawei Reassesses Its Relationship with FedEx Over a Case of Diverted Packages

Huawei, the embattled Chinese telecoms equipment giant, might be on the verge of falling off with yet another American company.

FedEx Corp, the U.S. package delivery company, supposedly diverted two packages meant for Huawei in Asia, sending them to the United States. The parcels came from Japan and were addressed to Huawei in China. The delivery company also attempted to divert two more packages sent from Vietnam to other Huawei offices in Asia, all without authorization.

According to Reuters, Huawei received the package from Vietnam on Friday and was expecting the rest of the parcels to be delivered later. FedEx spokeswoman Maury Donahue claims that the packages were simply “misrouted in error” and that FedEx did not receive any requests to divert them from any other party.

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Huawei asserted that there was no sensitive technology data in the packages, just documents. However, the company is currently reviewing its relationship with FedEx and might opt out of it for a more reliable partner.