Huawei Plans to Export Intelligent Vehicles and Collaborate with IAT Automobile in Overseas Markets

According to the official WeChat account of IAT Automobile, on October 30th, President Chi Linchun from Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution BU Marketing and Sales Service Department led the Huawei Intelligent Automotive team to visit IAT Automobile. The two parties had in-depth discussions and exchanges on intelligent automotive technology, and reached a consensus on conducting overseas cooperation together. In the future, IAT and Huawei will also explore and share technologies and innovations in the field of automotive intelligence.

According to public information, IAT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing. Its main business includes vehicle development, core component research and manufacturing, and new energy vehicle research. Its predecessor was “Beijing Jingwei Universal Technology Co., Ltd.” established in September 2002. The company is composed of a team of Tsinghua students and experienced domestic and foreign automotive experts. It fully utilizes the advantages of most technical personnel having worked in the foreign automotive industry, introducing foreign car design technology and talents, providing extensive technical support and services for domestic and foreign automakers in areas such as car design development, engine and powertrain design development, prototype/exhibition car manufacturing, vehicle testing, production line improvement etc. Currently, IAT Automotive serves more than 80 customers with nearly 400 models under development.

According to reports, IAT Automobile has been actively expanding in overseas markets through the strategy of “technology + supply chain”. It has achieved preliminary results in Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions, and is preparing to expand into Europe, America, the Middle East, and other areas. IAT Automobile has global research and development orders and customer resources. It also has certain experience in understanding consumer demands and regulatory requirements in multiple markets. This should be an important factor for Huawei Intelligent Automobile to cooperate with them.

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