Huawei Partners With EV Maker BYD to Launch HiSilicon Kirin Chips On Vehicles

Huawei has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese automaker BYD to launch its Kirin 710A chips in vehicles, Chinese technology media 36Kr reported Monday, quoting sources familiar with the matter.

“BYD has already obtained Kirin’s chip technical documents and started the developing process,” a source told 36Kr. “Kirin chips have been in the automobile market for months. It’s now targeting BYD, hoping to launch the chip in the car model to open the market.”

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The premise of Huawei sending their technical documents is that the two parties must sign a cooperation agreement in advance.

The Kirin chip solution developed by Huawei-owned semiconductor company HiSilicon is only available on Huawei and Honor’s smartphones.

BYD, China’s largest EV maker, just announced in May that its upgraded Han flagship electric sedan has adopted Huawei’s 5G module MH5000. Prior to this, Huawei Consumer BG and BYD also worked on products such as mobile phone NFC car keys and HiCar technology on the same Han flagship model.