Huawei to Enter US: Aims to Displace Apple as Second Largest Phone Maker

Huawei reached a deal with AT&T to sell Huawei phones through the US operator’s channels in the first half of 2018, Chinese media reported in August. Recently, Yu Chengdong has confirmed Huawei will formally enter the US market in 2018.

Next year, Huawei will sell its flagship phones and products through operators in the US market, Yu said. He said Huawei will bring more value, better products, innovation and user experience to American consumers and operators.

In his statement, he highlighted “our flagship,” which implies that Huawei will sell its latest flagship phones to American consumers. Huawei is expected to exhibit its latest flagship Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro at the CES 2018 show in Las Vegas next month in advance of its entry. Yu said more details will be released then.

It was also revealed that Huawei will release its annual flagship P11 on MWC 2018 in February, and this phone will follow the Mate 10 into the US market.

Huawei has a major market in China and Europe, but only sells mobile phones through online retailers in the US. But American consumers mainly buy phones from AT&T, Verzion, Sprint and other network operators. The cooperation between Huawei and the US operator is expected to boost Huawei’s global handset sales next year, threatening Apple’s position as the world’s second largest handset manufacturer.

This article originally appeared in leikeji and was translated by Pandaily.