Huami’s Smartwatch Amazfit to be Sold in 2,870 Walmart Stores in North America

Huami (NYSE: HMI) recently reached a cooperation agreement with Walmart to sell its Amazfit smartwatch in 2,870 Walmart stores in North America. It is the first time for Amazfit to sell its product through a US national-wide retailer. Previously, Amazfit has mainly sold on Amazon or other online platforms in the North America region.

Walmart will first choose two models to come into the market. The first is the Amazfit GTS. With a retinal display and metal body, the vogue appearance and functionality make it an attractive option. Two colors, black and gold, will be available to customers. The second is the Amazfit Bip S, which features a light and thin design. The whole body only weighs 31g, but the battery can last 30 days. This model also has two colors, onyx black and warm pink.

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Yang Xin, COO of Huami, believes that Amazfit is a competitive product in the North American market and stated the partnership with Walmart is an excellent opportunity for Huami to expand its market share. Android Headline also agreed that this cooperation would help Amazfit increase its impact on the world’s biggest wearable smart product market based on Walmart’s influence.

Huami, established in 2013, is a cloud-based healthcare services provider, providing world-leading smart wearable technology. Huami listed on the NYSE in February 2018 and launched Amazfit’s products in September 2019. Amazfit’s products are available in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. In the first half of 2020, Amazfit shipped around 1.74 million products.