HP Responds to the Cancellation of Its Shanghai Company and Denies Transferring the Supply Chain

Recently, Hewlett-Packard Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. changed its corporate status from active to cancelled, which has attracted attention from netizens. After all, there were previous reports that HP China was planning to transfer its industrial chain.

Hewlett-Packard‘s Senior Vice President and President of Greater China, Zhuang Zhengsong, responded by stating that with the approval of HP headquarters, the business deregistration process has been successfully completed. This measure will not have any impact on the normal operations of HP’s other two companies in Shanghai. HP China will continue to dedicate itself to providing quality services to its customers. The deregistered company, Hewlett-Packard Technology (Shanghai), has been dormant for the past few years without conducting any business activities or employing any staff.

Previously, there were media reports stating that HP is collaborating with suppliers to transfer the production of millions of consumer and commercial laptops to Thailand and Mexico. A supplier mentioned that HP also plans to start transferring some laptop production to Vietnam from next year.

Insiders say that this year’s production outside of China will reach a maximum of 5 million units. According to Canalys data, HP’s global personal computer shipments in 2022 are projected to be 55.2 million units.

Subsequently, HP responded by stating that they will not do so, and now they have reiterated the important role China plays in their supply chain as a significant growth opportunity. They plan to open a new research and development center in Chongqing.

According to HP, the Chongqing factory covering an area of 20,000 square meters plays a significant role in its supply chain.

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