HoteamSoft Secures Nearly $63M in Round-C Financing

Shandong Hoteam Software Co., Ltd. (HoteamSoft) on Tuesday announced its completion of round-C financing totaling nearly 400 million yuan ($63 million). The lead investor is Legend Capital, while co-investors include many well-known capital institutions.

The new funds are mainly to be allocated for continuous investment in the R&D of high-end 3D CAD, as well as in the firm’s global marketing layout. HoteamSoft will put more effort into high-performance 3D CAD and China’s first cloud CAD product, comprehensively developing the new generation of high-performance intelligent manufacturing PLM products, and improving the application ecology of SView 3D lightweight visualization.

HoteamSoft is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge industrial software in China. It is equipped with an independent research ability in product lines R&D and design, manufacturing, supply chain management and lightweight visual platforms.

HoteamSoft produces highly competitive solutions for enterprises in the fields of high-end equipment such as aerospace, nuclear power and rail transit, as well as machinery such as automobiles, construction tools, molds, bearings and high-tech electronics. Its main customers include TCL, Sinopec and other industry leaders.

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Founded in 1993, HoteamSoft is headquartered in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. It mainly offers 3D smart manufacturing solutions and ranks as the top industrial software service provider in China in terms of capital size and complete product lines.