Horizon Robotics Releases China’s First Software and Hardware Robot Development Platform

Horizon Robotics, an artificial intelligence computing platform company, launched the Horizon Hobot Platform on Tuesday, which is the first robot development platform integrating software and hardware in China.

Aiming at the difficulties of robot development, the platform provides developers with a complete set of services from underlying computing, development tools to algorithm cases, effectively improving the efficiency of robot production.

The shipments of the firm’s in-vehicle chip “Journey-series” have now exceeded 1 million units. Regarding the robotics field, the company hopes to provide a development platform for robots – not only chips, but also a complete software and hardware system.

Wang Cong, the general manager of the Horizon Robotics AIoT & General Robotics Business Division, said: “With the increasing complexity of composite robots, the requirements for components selection, software system and data iteration will be higher. Building a development ecology community based on an infrastructure-level platform is the only way for the industry to reduce costs, increase efficiency and release productivity.”

The platform consists of the company’s chip (Sunrise), robot operating system (TogetherROS), robot reference algorithm (Boxs), robot application examples (Apps) and supporting development tools (Toolkit).

The firm’s “Sunrise-series chips” build the cornerstone of computing power with high performance and low power consumption for a robot development platform. At present, the cumulative shipments of Sunrise chips has exceeded 1 million units, which have been implemented in large-scale mass production across the fields of intelligent robots, intelligent large screens and smart homes. They have also been widely applied in various products of its partners, such as ECOVACS, Xiaodu and TCL.

The firm’s TogetherROS system integrates many open source models, providing sufficient computing power. Developers no longer need to spend significant time on model tuning and data training. Instead, they will be able to deploy artificial intelligence applications soon.

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In order to bring developers a one-stop development experience, the firm also announced the launch of the Sunrise X3 version, a robot development board with great computing power and high compatibility in this launch event. The X3 2G version sold at 499 yuan ($74) and the 4G version 549 yuan ($82). Based on Sunrise X3, Xingtian, the first wheeled-leg AI robot development platform in China co-invented by Direct Drive Tech and Horizon, also made its debut in this event.