Hello Inc. Announces Launch of Self-driving Car Service

On Wednesday, Hello Inc. announced the launch of its own self-driving car rental service. Users can open the Hello Inc. APP, click and enter Hello Car Rental interface, and select the time and location of renting a car. By this, users can use the one-click car rental feature.

Moreconveniently, the platform also offers pick-up and drop-off services. Users with an Alipay Sesame Credit Score above 550 points can unlock future benefits and rent a car without a deposit. There are three kinds of certificates required to rent a car: ID card, driver’s license (driving experience needs more than 6 months), and a credit card (used to pay the deposit, but deposit-free users do not need to provide card information).

The car rental fees are said to be transparent, with no hidden charges, and mainly including basic car rental fees, basic security service fees, and car dealership fees. For example, a Santana costs 80 yuan (15+45+20) to rent for a day; a Porsche 718 costs 1,258 yuan (1,118+110+30) for a day; a Ferrari 458 costs 4,325 yuan for a day (4,180+110+35).

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Since its establishment in 2016, Hello Inc. has nearly 500 million registered users and is stationed in more than 400 cities across the country. Users have driven a total of 18.4 billion kilometers and, reduced carbon emissions by 500,000 tons. At present, Hello Inc. has a mobile travel service, which includes two-wheeled sharing services, and car-hailing and taxi services, and an emerging local service, which includes Hello electric vehicle and Xiaoha power exchange service jointly established with Ant Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.