Hello Electric Scooter Launches New-Generation Intelligent Platform Turing T30

On Wednesday, Chinese urban transit firm Hello Inc. launched a new-generation intelligent platform called “Hi-Turing T30,” which is to be used for its new electric scooter, the “Hello B70 PRO.”

In July of 2020, Hello Inc. officially started its electric scooter business and created the VVSMART hyper-connected car-machine system. This time, it has launched its own intelligent platform, the Hi-Turing T30, indicating that the VVSMART system has iterated to the 3.0 stage. In December of 2021, Hello Electric Scooter launched a version 2.0 system, and realized many extended functions through intelligent components such as VLink and Vkey.

It has been suggested that the new Turing platform uses ARM Cortex-M7 EV chips that can meet the requirements of intelligent applications for two-wheeled electric bikes, including audio and voice recognition, motor control, digital power, artificial intelligence and sensor fusion, with significant improvements in arithmetic power, response speed and local storage. Hello’s Turing T30 system uses an auto grade bus, which can deliver more stable transmission capability and faster transmission speed.

This Turing platform adds more than 10 types of sensors, such as seat sensors, lock sensors, position sensors, posture sensors, side brace sensors, tire pressure sensors, and more. These can help consumers better understand the condition of electric scooters and have real-time human-scooter interaction through cell phone apps.

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Regarding scooter security, Hello integrates three modes of GPS, Beidou and base station accurate positioning system and sets unique IDs through batteries, controllers and intelligent platforms so that it can realize intelligent remote anti-theft functions. In the case of abnormal vehicle movement or battery removal, users will be alerted via SMS and the mobile app as to the location of the stolen scooter.