Haomo.ai to Release DriveGPT, An Autonomous Driving Generative Pre-trained Transformer Model

On March 30, Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Haomo.ai announced that it will release the autonomous driving generative model “DriveGPT” on April 11, and is expected to bring HPilot 3.0, MANA OASIS, and other products.

In the field of autonomous driving, Haomo.ai was one of the first in China to introduce transformer models into its data intelligence system MANA. Zhang Kai, Chairman of Haomo.ai previously stated that “Haomo.ai’s MANA data intelligence system has basically completed a closed-loop data cycle. The learning time of MANA exceeds 500,000 hours and its virtual world driving experience is equivalent to human driving for 62,000 years.”

In January this year, Gu Weihao, CEO of Haomo.ai said that their autonomous driving cognitive large-scale model drew inspiration from ChatGPT and adopted the “Reinforced Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF)” technology to continuously optimize the autonomous driving cognitive decision-making model by introducing real human driver takeover data.

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Gu said that with the help of this large-scale model in recognized difficult scenarios such as U-turns or roundabouts, pass rates have increased by more than 30%. On February 17 this year, Haomo.ai announced that their autonomous driving cognitive large-scale model had officially been upgraded to DriveGPT.

Currently, Haomo.ai’s DriveGPT has completed model construction and running tests on phase one data with a parameter scale comparable to GPT-2 level. The next step would be a continuous introduction of massive real takeover data through reinforcement learning based on human driver feedback in order to constantly improve evaluation results.

Haomo.ai was formerly known as Great Wall Motors’ Intelligent Driving Department. In 2019, it was introduced by Great Wall Motors and became an independent autonomous driving AI technology company. Currently, Great Wall Motors is both a major shareholder and customer of Haomo.ai.

It is expected that Haomo.ai’s NOH (Navigation on HPilot3.0) will be implemented in 100 cities in the first half of 2024. This is China’s first large-scale navigation-assisted driving solution for city scenarios. It leads in heavy sensing, large model technology routes and applications, user closed-loop data construction, and other areas. The company has announced its plan to achieve full unmanned driving with Haomo HPilot by 2025.