Haomo.AI Assisted Driving Technology Surpasses 10 Million Kilometers

Autonomous driving company Haomo.AI announced on Tuesday that its cumulative assisted driving distance has exceeded 10 million kilometers. In addition, the maximum distance of a single assisted driving journey has reached 393.4 kilometers.

Gu Weihao, CEO of Haomo, said: “After 390 days, the distance of assisted driving has exceeded 10 million kilometers. In the future, we will continue to invest in technological innovation, create more sophisticated and widely used assisted driving products, and work with partners to accelerate mass production of autonomous driving.”

From January to May of this year, the average monthly growth rate of vehicles equipped with HPilot, Haomo’s autonomous driving system, exceeded 200%. At present, passenger cars equipped with HPilot have traveled in 339 cities in China, led by Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou. In the next two years, it is estimated that the number of Chinese families served by Haomo will reach 1 million.

Since its establishment two and a half years ago, HPilot has completed the process from project establishment and technology research to mass production, completing the iteration of three versions.

HPilot is applied on a total of six models made by Great Wall Motor, which realizes the functional iteration of HWA (highway assist), NOH (Navigation on HPilot) and urban NOH. Its driving scenarios can cover 310,000 kilometers of expressways in China, and it is also extending to urban roads.

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NOH pioneered the deep integration of vehicle navigation, HD-Maps and HWA system. Urban NOH is being polished for implementation in Beijing and Baoding, Hebei Province, and is expected to be officially launched in the near future. Urban NOH will be carried out in over 100 cities and with 1 million passenger cars.