Great Wall Motors Overseas Director Kaushik Ganguly Quits

According to local news outlets in India, after joining Great Wall Motors and working out the company’s necessary domestic business plan, Kaushikl Ganguly has quit as overseas Director. Ganguly had been in the role for over three years and had become the first senior-most employee of Great Wall’s India Factory Project. His resignation is of March 22nd.

Cailian Press learned from a person in charge of the investor relations (IR) department of Great Wall Motors on Tuesday that the resignation of the director of Great Wall Motor India Project “hasn’t been heard”. That is to say, the company has not yet processed the resignation, though the source admitted that “the Indian project is now suspended and the company is in talks” to figure out a way forward.

Ganguly was the Director of Strategy and Planning at Great Wall Motors. According to people familiar with the matter, he said on March 20 that “tomorrow (March 21) will be my last day at the (Great Wall Motors) company.”

This is not the first executive of Great Wall Motors who has quit the job in India. Earlier in March, due to the uncertainty of the Great Wall Motors India Project, Hardeep Singh Brar, Director of Sales and Marketing of Great Wall Motors in India, who had joined the company only a year ago, also chose to leave.

In January 2021, as part of its global strategy, Great Wall Motors signed an agreement with General Motors to acquire the latter’s Talegaon factory in Pune, India for $1 billion. The acquisition is intended to produce the company’s branded products, including the Haval, locally.

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According to the plan, Great Wall Motors’ investment in India will cover manufacturing plants, vehicle research and development, batteries and electric drive systems, as well as vehicle and parts manufacturing.

However, as the country was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other non-market factors, the acquisition of Great Wall Motors was not smooth, and the plan was postponed three times. The most recent delay was made by General Motors which saw the company move its plans from March into June. This postponement is the longest stretch of time that the company will not have an agreement in place with the workers at the Talegaon factory.