Global Agricultural Challenge Launched by FAO, Zhejiang University and Pinduoduo

The “2020 Global Agrilnno (Agriculture) Challenge,” co-sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Zhejiang University, supported by Pinduoduo, was held in China to promote innovative business models.

As the world’s largest online digital agriculture technology innovation summit in the post-epidemic era, this competition has attracted more than 150 young digital agriculture science and technology innovation teams from around the world. The jury is composed of six global interdisciplinary departments and interdisciplinary experts. Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director-General of the FAO, serves as the chairwoman of the jury. 

“We are willing to work with partners to facilitate the application of world-class digital agriculture solutions so that more small-sized farms can enjoy the technological benefits brought by innovations,” said Beth.

On Dec. 6, the final result of the “2020 Global Agrilnno Challenge” was officially announced. Standing out from 12 finalist teams, the “New Hybrid Entrepreneurship Project of Soilless Culture and Aquaculture” jointly composed by Liberia and American researchers won first place. “Digital Beekeeping Project” and “Mi Terro-Food Protein Project” from China placed second, and three entrepreneurial teams from Spain, Bolivia, and Uganda won third.

(Source: Biao Zhu)

FAO, Zhejiang University, and Pinduoduo share the same values when it comes to developing innovative scientific research programs. The 2020 Global Agrilnno Challenge is not their first collaboration. 

In May, with technical support from the FAO, China Agricultural University and Pinduoduo hosted the first “Smart Agriculture Competition,” inviting top teams from around the world to participate in a strawberry growing competition and human-machine collaboration program.

When the pandemic broke out in January, Zhejiang University and Pinduoduo jointly established the “Viral Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Fund” and Pinduoduo donated 100 million yuan. The fund supports 104 scientific research projects, covering areas in artificial intelligence, clinical medicine, and public health, etc. 

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Pinduoduo is committed to helping farmers to ‘sell well,’ and consumers to ‘buy well,’” said Han Dongyuan, Vice President at Pinduoduo. “We will continue exploring ways to bring cutting-edge solutions to Chinese small-sized farms.”