Geely Sees Progress with Smartphone Business

According to the Qichacha App, Wuhan Xinglian Times Technology Co., Ltd. was recently established with a registered capital of 376 million yuan ($55.8 million). The company is indirectly owned by both Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Geely’s mobile phone business, and Sanya Huima Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership).

Xinglian will operate businesses such as the manufacturing and sales of mobile terminal devices, software development, sales of mobile terminal devices, and the sales of electronic products.

The company follows on from the May 7th establishment of Hubei Xingji Times Internet Technology Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by Geely’s mobile phone affiliate Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. The new firm’s legal representative is Wang Yong and its business scope includes services for live-streaming technology and games.

In September 2021, Geely officially announced its entrance to the mobile phone market. Wang Yong is the legal representative of the new company, and Li Shufu, the founder of Geely, is the chairman of the company and holds about 6.77% of its shares.

On April 27th, Xingji Times revealed designs for two “smartphones”. According to the abstract, the design is targeted for use in mobile communications or man-machine interconnection.

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Geely has been receiving a lot of news coverage about its smartphone efforts as of late. In early May, the news of Geely’s acquisition of smartphone brand Meizu hit Weibo after rumors began about the takeover. Both companies declined to comment on the possible acquisition.