Geely Releases Second Hybrid Model

The Geely Emgrand L Hi • X compact sedan was officially unveiled on Thursday. This is Geely’s second hybrid model and also the first with the 1.5 TD-3DHT Leishen system.

In terms of appearance, the model is not much different from the ordinary version. The Emgrand L Hi • X  uses a digital streamer logo which is the same as the Xingyue-L, and its charging port is also located at the left front fender.

Regarding the interior decoration, Geely Emgrand L Hi • X adopts a brand-new green design and features a 10.25-inch x 12.3-inch HD LCD large screen. The company claims its maximum battery life is 1,300 km with full fuel, and it takes 6.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h.

This model adopts Leishen Hi • X hybrid technology. It is powered by the new generation of turbocharged direct-injection engine with 181 hp (133 kW) and 290 N•m of torque. It is also equipped with the world’s first mass-produced three-speed hybrid electric drive transmission (DHT Pro), which supports FOTA upgrades and has up to 20 intelligent driving modes.

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Since 2021, Chinese vehicle brands have made great efforts in the hybrid field, and BYD, Great Wall Motor and Chery have successively launched new products featuring hybrid technology. The release of the Xingyue L Hi • X model marks the official entrance of Geely into the hybrid field.