Geely Launches First Methanol Hybrid Sedan, Priced at $19,393

On Thursday, Geely announced the launch of the world’s first methanol hybrid sedan, a 4th generation Geely Emgrand methanol-electric hybrid sedan. It was delivered simultaneously with Geely’s fully forward-developed long-range methanol heavy-duty truck in Guiyang.

The 4th generation Emgrand methanol-electric hybrid sedan, released and delivered in the first batch, features a new generation of 1.8L methanol-electric hybrid engine and hybrid electric drive transmission. It consumes as low as 9.2L per 100km and costs less than 30 cents per kilometer to travel, reducing carbon emissions by 42% compared to conventional gasoline vehicles.

(Source: Geely)

The new vehicle is based on Geely’s 4th generation Emgrand and features a light green trim and a rear logo to highlight its Methanol Electric Hybrid status. The body has the same dimensions as the traditional fuel model, with a length, width and height of 4638*1820*1460mm, a wheelbase of 2650mm and a wind resistance coefficient of 0.27Cd. It is equipped with a 1.83kWh ternary lithium battery.

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This model is equipped with a 1.8L methanol-electric hybrid engine with a thermal efficiency of 41.5%. It features a hybrid electric drive transmission with 40% energy efficiency and a transmission efficiency of 97.5%. The vehicle will retail for 129,800 yuan ($19,393).

The remote methanol heavy truck delivered this time is the first batch of methanol-based heavy trucks launched in Guizhou by Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle. It is powered by the company’s newly developed 13L methanol engine.

According to Geely, the company has developed more than 20 models of methanol passenger cars and commercial vehicles and put 27,000 methanol vehicles on the market. The mileage of a single vehicle has reached a maximum of 1.2 million kilometers, with a total mileage of nearly 10 billion kilometers.