Geely-backed Zeekr’s Second Model Revealed

Chinese media outlet Diandong reported that it recently obtained leaked photos of the second model to be released by Zeekr, a company under Geely. At present, the new car code is EF1E, which may be renamed to Zeekr 002. The new car will focus on the medium and large MPV market of battery electric vehicles and is expected to be unveiled later in 2022.

Judging from the leaked photos, the length of the new car may exceed 5100mm, and the wheelbase may be 3100-3300mm. The new car may keep the family design at the front, which is similar to the Zeekr 001.

(Source: Dandong)

In terms of interior design, the new car will adopt a steering wheel and gear shift similar to the 001, and will adopt a full, touch-screen LCD dashboard and a large suspended touch screen. However, some adjustments have been made in the gear shift and the air outlet, while the physical buttons usually found on the center console have also been removed.

The second row of the new vehicle will adopt separate seats, which will be able to provide passengers with a more room to themselves. The new car will also be built based on Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform, with a maximum range of 700km.

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As a brand owned by Geely, the production process of the first model, Zeekr 001, is quicker, and the 10,000th model has been rolled off the production line in January this year. Zeeker achieved the production target of 10,000 units in just 99 days.