Game Engine Plus Cloud Services Make Life Easier for Online Game Developers and Players

Chinese cloud platform QCloud and Game engine Unity launched Unity Connected Games, an online game development platform providing online game services, multiplayer networking services and developer services.

Unity Connected Games will help game developers quickly build and iterate multiplayer games, as well as optimize player experience by offering a professional colocation centre and in-game voice services.

According to the boat racing game demo “Boat Attack” showed at the press conference, the 3D game made by Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline has high-quality scenes and a quick load time. With an original package of over 200 MB, it only took seconds to load in the Connect APP, Unity creators community platform.

“This is because we put most of the game content in the cloud, the actual installation on the mobile phone is only a dozen MB,” said Zhang Junbo, President of Unity Greater China. “It is the same as to open a web page. Click and play, no need to wait.”

Unity Connected Games also offers user authentication services, player data storage and anti-addiction system development tools that developers can use directly without building from scratch. Through QCloud’s serverless cloud function, developers can run server code without purchasing and managing servers.

In addition, based on QCloud’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resources, Unity Connected Games can automatically operate and maintain its products.

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Unity claims to have 3 million developers in China as its users. Unity has developed about 76% of new mobile games released in the Chinese market since last year.

As another localization feature of Unity, Unity Connected Games adds the Chinese version of Unity Editor to the platform. Development manuals, instructions and discussion groups are placed at the same entrance.

Multiplayer games have become the most popular game genre in the world. About 80% of the world’s best-selling games in Q1 2020 on iOS, Google Play and Switch were real-time multiplayer games.