Faraday Future Launches the “Mission Farad” Platform

On May 22nd, Faraday Future (also known as “FF”) officially announced the launch of the “Mission Farad” platform, which integrates many benefits of its user co-creation and sharing concept. For example, users can become partners of Jia Yueting.

The “Mission Farad” includes four key parts: an open-source collaborative technology platform, a shared business model, a partnership-based governance structure, and a win-win product portfolio.

Faraday Future stated that the platform is built on Web3.0 technology and will collaborate with developers, creators, users, and investors to achieve value co-creation and profit sharing.

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The “Mission Farad” has now landed on the FF App and FF.com official website. Users can participate in the “Mission Farad” through “Co-creation Tasks”, and complete corresponding co-creation tasks within a specified time to receive rewards for “Futurist Co-creation Points”.

The tasks include inviting friends to register for the app, sharing official posts, etc. The unit of measurement for these points is Faradays, represented by the letter “F”. As for what exactly these points can be used for, it will be announced by Faraday Future officials later.

According to the plan previously announced by FF, delivery of the first phase of FF 91 will begin at the end of May.