Evergrande Auto: Work Hard for 180 days, Yangzhou Battery Factory to Start Production in May Next Year

Evergrande Newenergy Technology Group’s strategic partner conference was held at its Yangzhou battery factory on Tuesday. At the meeting, Liu Yongzhuo, President of Evergrande Auto and Chairman of Evergrande Newenergy Technology, said that Evergrande Auto, as an independent listed company, is overcoming the side effects and emerging out of the most difficult times step by step.

He also said that the three-month battle to get the first car off the assembly line, which started on October 8, has achieved initial results, and the BIW assembly line was launched at the end of November.

At the meeting, there was a banner hanging behind Liu Yongzhuo reading, “Work Hard for 180 Days, Yangzhou Battery Factory Starts Production.” This slogan was also shouted when Hengchi’s first car progressed in October this year: “Three Months of Hard Work, Hengchi’s First Car in Tianjin Factory Will Go offline.”

In the next 180 days, Evergrande Neoenergy Technology Group will strategically concentrate its resources on the basis of the Yangzhou battery factory built by Industry 4.0 standards, so that the existing international first-class battery core R&D team of 1,000 people can work together with other teams in the wider group. Coupled with the strong support of partners, it will ensure the realization of a six-month production target of Hengchi battery.

Evergrande released a total of nine models during Auto Shanghai 2021, and Hengchi 5 is the only one of the nine models that is likely to be launched on the market.

The car has been officially declared before, and it is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV. Its appearance follows the usual design style of mainstream electric vehicles. The front end adopts the closed grille appearance, and the application of H-shaped through-type LED headlights allows high recognition.

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In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4725/1925/1688mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2780mm. Furthermore, the Hengchi 5 will be equipped with an electric motor produced by UAES, with a maximum power of 150kW.