Equipped With DJI Tech, 2023 KiWi EV Set for Sept 15 Launch

Chinese automotive firm Wuling Motors announced on September 8 that its 2023 KiWi EV, the world’s first model equipped with the “Lingxi intelligent driving system,” will be officially launched on September 15.

Based on its Hyper-Future aesthetic design concept, the 2023 KiWi EV features silver and black interior color options with dual 10.25-inch integrated screens.

The 2023 KiWi EV is equipped with a new digital console and abundant intelligent network configurations. The new car provides users with voice interaction functions, a massive amount of entertainment resources, and a variety of scenario-based intelligent services.

Users can achieve remote control of the vehicle through an app on their smartphone. In addition, the new car is equipped with OTA remote upgrade functions.

The new vehicle has evolved in terms of speech recognition, UI interface, navigation and other aspects. Its customized UI interface supports modular layout and real-time synchronization of navigation data between smartphones and vehicle systems. Parking recommendation, last mile navigation and other functions are also provided for convenient transportation.

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The new car comes with a 31.7-kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack, while 40-kilowatt and 50-kilowatt motors are available for models with different functions and prices.

Relying on DJI’s various camera technologies used for drones – especially binocular camera technology – the new vehicle can meet users’ intelligent driving needs by reasonably dispatching computing power.