Employee Wins Legal Dispute With Livestreaming Firm Huya After Being Physically Removed From Company Premises in 2020

An employee of Chinese game livestreaming company Huya on Monday announced the verdict of a high-profile legal case that had pit himself against the firm. Last year, the individual had been physically carried off company premises by an HR manager and five security guards for his refusing to sign a dismissal letter.

The Guangzhou Nansha People’s Court has now ruled that Huya should compensate him for medical expenses, a broken smartphone and other property losses totaling 5,016 yuan ($787). In addition, the court ruled that Huya must display a public apology on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo for seven continuous days.

At present, Huya has filed an appeal to the decision. The second instance of the infringement case will be held at the Guangzhou People’s Court on December 23.

In November of last year, a web user who claimed to be “the employee being carried out by Huya” revealed that he had suffered psychological abuse from his leaders, which led him to experience personal depression. He also claimed he had been fired by the company. After refusing to sign a letter that would terminate his employment contract, Huya‘s HR manager recruited five individuals to physically remove the employee from company premises, hitting his head on multiple occasions and breaking his smartphone, representing damage to his physical and mental health.

Regarding the incident, Huya claimed that the employee had faked his resume and held part-time jobs during his term of employment, thereby violating company values. It decided to terminate the employment contract with the individual. On the day of the letter’s signing, the employee refused and reportedly used aggressive language, which, the firm argues, seriously affected the normal business order of the company. The HR manager had no other choice but to call security to physically carry the employee to the first floor to calm down.

In April this year, the employee said that his infringement dispute with Huya had been accepted by the Guangzhou Nansha People’s Court.

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On December 21, 2021, the employee issued a statement via his personal Weibo account, saying: “After 414 days of being bullied in the workplace, I finally got a victory in court.”

The employee also expressed the hope that people who experience bullying and injustice in the workplace should face it bravely and learn to protect their legitimate rights and interests through legal means.