EDA Software and System Developer X-Epic Secures Several Hundred Million Yuan in Pre-B Round Financing

On Thursday, X-Epic, a leading enterprise in EDA (Electronic Design Automation) industrial software technology, announced that it had completed several hundred million yuan in a Pre-B round of financing, which was led by a fund under the National Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrade Fund.

Funds raised in this round will be used for the R&D of industrial software technology. The firm plans to keep its leading position by accelerating the research and technological innovation of the new generation EDA.

X-Epic was established in March 2020 and has now launched many products. It has obtained six rounds of financing according to public information, all of which are worth hundreds of million of yuan.

On November 26, 2020, X-Epic released a new simulation technology supporting domestic computing architecture and a high-performance multifunctional programmable adaptation solution, saving costs by up to four times.

In November 2021, the firm launched four products: HuaPro-P1, a high-performance FPGA prototype verification system, GalaxSim-1.0, a leading digital simulator in China, GalaxPSS, a smart verification system, and GalaxFV, the first extensible formal verification tool based on word-level modelling in China.

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X-Epic gathers global EDA industry talent in cutting-edge science and technology fields. The firm is committed to the R&D of a new generation of EDA software and intelligent electronic design platform. Its products will fully cover the verification requirements of digital chips, including a hardware simulation system and FPGA prototype verification system. It provides partners with safe and reliable chip industry solutions and expert consulting services.