Eclipsed by Its Predecessor, Double 12’s Statistics Revealed

Compared to the grand scale of the Double 11 shopping festival and its spectacular performance reports from e-commerce platforms, Double 12, which took place on Dec. 12, appeared to be more low-key without ubiquitous campaigns and great discounts. Taobao,, Pinduoduo and other online shopping sites didn’t publish sales statistics of Double 12 either. 

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This year, the prolonged Double 11 shopping festival, combined with the intensive price-cutting, allowed consumers to meet their shopping needs to a great extent, leaving limited room for another shopping spree in such a short period of time. 

Nonetheless, several brands revealed their Double 12 report cards.

Xiaomi’s retail sales in China reached 7.15 billion yuan from Dec. 1 to Dec. 12, up 40% from last year’s Double 12 shopping festival. In comparison, Xiaomi’s sales reached 14.3 billion yuan during this year’s Double 11 shopping festival, twice as much as Double 12. 

Gree Electric Appliances’ chairwoman Mingzhu Dong produced sales of 2.51 billion yuan in her Double 12 livestream where she cooked and juiced with guests in home kitchen sets outfitted with Gree home appliances. 

Almost 20,000 orders made on from Dec. 11 to Dec. 12 were paid with digital yuan, China’s new digital currency, the largest amount of a single transaction exceeded 10,000. The first order paid with digital yuan occurred at 8 p.m. on Dec. 11, and took only half a second. 

Beauty products remained popular during Double 12. 

On fashion focused e-commerce site Mogujie, GMV made from livestreaming jumped 167.87% compared to last year’s Double 12, and turnovers of the two top streamers surpassed 100 million yuan, and 12 following live-streamers topped 10 million yuan. 

Sales of imported cosmetics products on Pinduoduo rose by 310% year over year.