E-commerce Shopping Guide Platform SMZDM.com lists on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

July 15, SMZDM.com, a shopping guide platform known in China as Shenme Zhide Mai, (eng. What is worth buying) officially listed on the GEM board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. SMZDM.com has managed to stay afloat for nine years despite having attracted just one round of financing prior to the listing.

SMZDM.com is currently the first truly consumer oriented A-share listed Internet company in China, in the past there were only two categories of A-share listed companies: game companies and 2B advertising platforms,” noted Wu Haiyan, managing partner of China Growth Capital. In January 2016, China Growth Capital poured 100 million yuan in SMZDM.com, and became its sole investor.

SMZDM.com started as a personal blog of a digital enthusiast Sui Guodong in 2010, with a registered capital of 30,000 yuan. As China’s e-commerce market kept expanding, the website helped users make consumption decisions and started attracting new users while garnering ample advertising revenues. However, currently the company also faces many challenges in the form of new competition from more well-established platforms like Xiaohongshu.