E-Commerce Platform Kwaishop to Support “Kwai Brands” With Boosted Web Traffic

Kwaishop, the e-commerce arm of Chinese TikTok-like short video sharing app Kuaishou, on Monday launched the “Kwai Brand Billion Traffic Plan,” aiming to support 500 Kwai Brands with web traffic of more than 23 billion visits to help them grow.

Kwaishop has launched this plan to reduce the impact of the pandemic on e-commerce businesses with operations on the platform, encouraging them to operate stably and seize growth opportunities in emerging fields.

The “Kwai Brand” term refers to small and medium-sized brands that developed within Kuaishou’s unique social business ecosystem and are based on quality and emotional connections with users. Kuaishou is known in overseas markets as Kwai.

In addition, Kwaishop offered some specific index indicators related to Kwai Brands, showing whether the brands were established within the past five years, or whether more than 30% of the brands’ GMV is derived from livestreaming channels.

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Regarding support for opening a business on the platform, new merchants will enjoy technical service fee reductions and refunds in the early stages of 2022. Kwai Brands will enjoy the same product rights and interests as an S-class brand of Kwaishop, including exclusive virtual venue display, customized merchant labels, an exclusive atmosphere effect of the livestreaming channel and a special logo for host fans.

In addition, there will be various types of marketing activities, including S-class promotions and priority participation, Kwai Brand exclusive markets, special sessions and ceremonies.

Merchants will also enjoy quality business services, exclusive assistance, quality traders support, team training and other services to help them grow.