DPU Chip Firm YUSUR Bags Several Hundred Million Yuan in A+ Round of Financing

YUSUR, a Chinese data processing unit (DPU) chip designer, on Tuesday announced it has completed an A+ round of financing worth several hundred million yuan. Lead investors in the deal are Maison Capital and Kunlun Fund, while co-investors are existing shareholders Lingjun Investment, LLP and Guanghuan Investment.

The funds are to be directed towards the R&D, mass production and market development of DPU chips. This is the second financing boost obtained by YUSUR this year after its A round, also worth several hundred million yuan, completed at the end of July.

As the digital economy progresses and network bandwidth increases from 10G to a maximum of 400G, it is now difficult for the computing architecture of data centers to meet the computing power requirements of network transmission and data processing under high bandwidth. Therefore, DPU is widely applied in high bandwidth, low latency and data-intensive computing scenarios.

YUSUR was founded in 2018, and takes software-defined accelerator as its core technology. It has independently developed a KPU chip architecture. Yan Guihai, founder and CEO of YUSUR, holds that software-defined data-driven computing architecture is characterized by graphical computing, data objectification and parallel display, and thereby, it realizes “strong computing and weak control” in practice.

YUSUR’s DPU solution is competitive for two technical reasons: First, a DPU is a typical chip of heterogeneous computing, and the R&D of heterogeneous core is the key to the R&D of each DPU.

Secondly, HADOS, an agile heterogeneous software development platform previously launched by YUSUR can support the computing power output of DPU chips and other heterogeneous computing hardware platforms. It is also compatible with the scenario software application ecology scenarios such as network, storage, security, and cloud native. This platform greatly reduces the difficulty to develop application software.

At present, the firm has completed design and verification work for its second generation DPU chip “K2,” which is expected to be put into production in the first quarter of 2022.

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YUSUR is one of several Chinese startups in its field that has achieved the mass production of products available for commercial use. Its DPU solution has been implemented in finance and other fields, and the firm is exploring applications in data centers, Cloud Native and edge computing.