DNA Synthesis Startup Atantares Secures Angel+ Round of Financing

Shanghai Xinsu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Atantares, has recently completed an angel+ round of financing totaling tens of millions of yuan, led by Qiming Venture Partners and followed by FreesFund and Xinhang Capital.

Founded in 2021, this startup is the first Chinese enterprise developing molecular chip DNA synthesis technology. The company uses molecular-level integrated circuits to develop “molecular chips” on the basis of the past “biochips” (microfluidic and micro-electro-mechanical systems, namely MEMS), continuously promoting the application of semiconductor technology within the biotechnology field.

As for high-throughput DNA synthesis technology, the company has completed the verification of its principle and developed the prototype of a desktop high-throughput DNA synthesizer. Simultaneously, relying on the self-built gene synthesis platform and the automatic management system applied across the whole process, the firm has successfully developed a series of technological methods and established a fully automatic platform regarding sequence analysis, sequence optimization and order management.

In addition, based on the downward extension of the DNA synthesis platform, with a complete synthesis process management system and the development capabilities of automated instruments, Atantares can further expand to applications such as mRNA drug R&D and single-molecule detection, which have a huge incremental market.

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At present, the company has begun to provide services for biological companies and research institutes, involving various portfolio businesses.

Dr. Kan Chen, a partner of Qiming Venture Partners, said: “In the era of synthetic biology, digital biology and gene therapy, the firm is committed to empowering DNA synthesis, mRNA synthesis and single-molecule detection with semiconductor technology applying it to laboratory basic applications, synthetic biology and gene therapy. The company has strong R&D ability, a first-class team and rich industry experience. We believe in this company.”