DJI to Hold Product Launch Event on June 15

Shenzhen-based drone manufacturer DJI released an advance preview of its new product on Wednesday, and will livestream the DJI PRO 2022 launch event worldwide at 9 p.m. on June 15, Beijing time. The firm claims this product will “set a new standard for stability.”

Promotional material suggests DJI may release three new products. Some web users have speculated that they are a graphical transmission, stabilizer and sports camera.

Some digital bloggers suggested that DJI might launch a LIDAR rangefinder and O3 Pro for its Ronin 4D product, and the third product might be an RS stabilizer with an iconic red line.

DJI has not launched any new additions to its stabilizer product line for two years, with the predecessor being the RS 2 and RSC 2 in 2020. As seen in a teaser image, the new Ronin stabilizer’s shaft arm is still made of carbon fiber, so it appears that reducing the burden for photographers is still a key concern for DJI. In recent years, the stabilizer has been upgraded and iterated less, but the basic function of the stabilizer is still to be able to work efficiently, stably and reliably.

DJI’s products include UAV, education robots, “Spraying Drone,” hand-held stabilized pan/tilt heads, Ronin SLR stabilizers, and more. In May, DJI released a new generation of DJI Mini3 Pro. It revolutionizes the flight and aerial photography performance of the 249g drone based on an innovative design. The DJI Mini3 Pro can last up to 34 minutes and can be extended to 47 minutes with a long-lasting intelligent flight battery.

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