DJI Releases New Generation of Smartphone Gimbal, OM 5 Priced At $159

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI on September 8 released the DJI OM 5, a handheld gimbal for smartphones, with a price of $159. The new product includes the stabilizer, a magnetic phone clamp, a grip tripod, a storage pouch and other parts.

The DJI OM 5 inherits the firm’s 3-axis stabilization technology and the magnetic quick-release design, which shoots smoother pictures. Available in two new eye-catching colors – Sunset White and Athens Grey – the product helps users capture ultra-steady, unique video content with just a few taps.

In terms of design, the OM 5 has a reformulated structure, reducing the overall size by a third and weight by a quarter, compared with previous models. At the same time, this product also added a built-in 215 mm extension rod, allowing users to shoot more flexibly.

The product has a new shooting guide function that intelligently identifies scenes and enables a variety of shooting templates including “beach” and “food”.

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At the same time, DJI released an optional independent accessory called the “Fill Light Phone Clamp”. This product is suitable for environments with insufficient light, providing three modes – cold light, warm light and mixed light – each with three brightness options.

Established in 2006, DJI is based in Shenzhen and its main products include camera drones, educational robots, agricultural spraying drones, handheld gimbals and other accessories.