DJI Launches L-Mount for Integrated Cinema Camera System Ronin 4D

Chinese drone and camera gimbal maker DJI on February 2 launched an L-Mount product for its integrated cinema camera system Ronin 4D, for a price of 2,499 yuan ($370).

Ronin 4D combines a film-level imaging system, four-axis stabilization, LiDAR focusing and wireless image transmission control system, providing simple and easy-to-use creative tools for professional film and television teams, video studios and individual creators.

In the early days, camera lenses could only be threaded onto the camera itself, and they were very complicated to exchange. In 1954, Leica Camera pioneered a structure resembling rifle bayonets for the installation of interchangeable camera lenses, which is the M-Mount that has been used up to now.

An L-Mount is a lens mount for mirrorless autofocus system cameras that was launched by Leica for an APS-C system in 2014 with the Leica T and, in 2015, for a full-frame system, the Leica SL. It is equally suitable for both APS-C format and full-frame cameras. The advantages are a large inner diameter of 51.6 mm that enables the realization of extremely fast lenses and, at the same time, extremely compact dimensions that permit the construction of compact APS-C format system cameras. The configuration of the lens-to-camera communication interface is future-proof and, as realized in the case of the Leica SL, the L-Mount also offers an option for the construction of sealed systems that are insensitive to dust and moisture. The register of the L-Mount is 20 mm, which allows for the mounting of a multitude of different lenses through corresponding adapters.

DJI officially joined the L-Mount Alliance, which has 10 cameras and more than 50 lenses, on June 15, 2022. At present, members of the alliance include DJI, Leica, SIGMA, Panasonic and Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH.

L-Mounts are made of high-quality wear-resistant stainless steel, with four flange distance fixing elements, which can prevent deflection and ensure that the camera and lens are always accurately and tightly connected. More importantly, with the support of the L-Mount, the lenses of all different systems in the alliance can be used on any camera without adapter rings and any functional restrictions.

The Zenmuse X9 camera has a replaceable mount design that supports DJI’s DJ mount and Leica’s M mount. The existing super wide angle, F0.95 super aperture, electric optical zoom, and macro lens on these mounts can be used on the Zenmuse X9, and creators can choose freely according to shooting needs.

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The Zenmuse X9 now officially supports the L-Mount. When some L-Mount lenses are used with Ronin 4D, they can natively support the electric adjustment of aperture, realizing the functions of automatic follow-up and hand-self-integrated follow-up without calibrating LiDAR focus rangefinder.

DJI has also introduced an extension cord for the Zenmuse X9. With this feature, the camera can be used separately from the Ronin 4D, which DJI said helps cinematographers navigate more complex and diverse scenes while reducing carrying weight by about 80%.