DJI Focus Pro Unveiled, Equipped with LiDAR-powered Integrated Lens Control System

On April 10th, DJI released the DJI Focus Pro integrated lens control system, priced starting at 5499 yuan.

The DJI Focus Pro consists of three parts: a focus motor, LiDAR rangefinder, and a control wheel or handle.

The LiDAR in the DJI Focus Pro has upgraded the focus distance for people to 20 meters, about three times that of the previous generation, making it suitable for shooting with long-focus lenses. The number of ranging points has increased to 76800, a 77% improvement from the previous generation, enabling more precise recognition of subjects’ edges.

With the new AI algorithm, the LiDAR can more stably recognize people and vehicles. Even if a person is briefly obscured, the LiDAR can quickly refocus.

In scenes with multiple subjects, the DJI Focus Pro can quickly switch focus between multiple subjects.

It also supports the AMF mode, where automatic focus tracking is performed. The front dial on the handle or the focus wheel will rotate synchronously. Photographers can observe the focus status on the monitor screen and receive focus feedback through touch, enabling convenient focus control.

The damping of the Focus Pro wheel can be adjusted in real-time, and the DJI Focus Pro motor supports one-key frequency matching with the wheel. The focus puller can easily control the lens’s focus, focal length, and aperture, making team collaboration more efficient.

Additionally, photographers can use the DJI transmission high-brightness monitor to access LiDAR oscilloscope focus assistance. The LiDAR oscilloscope provides auxiliary information such as subjects, real-time focus plane indicator lines, and distance scales, aiding in precise focus control.

Furthermore, the DJI Focus Pro can seamlessly integrate with DJI Pro ecosystem products such as Ronin stabilizers, DJI Transmission, Ronin 4D, and Inspire 3, providing a powerful integrated focus solution for single-person shooting, car shooting, team collaboration, and other scenarios.

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