DJI Automotive Receives Investment Intentions from BYD and FAW Group

According to multiple industry sources, DJI Automotive has recently received clear investment intentions from BYD and FAW Group. Currently, all parties are advancing the financing process. DJI Automotive’s valuation offered to external investment institutions is approximately 10 billion RMB.

BYD, in addition to advancing the investment process with DJI Automotive, has also had intentions to engage with Huawei’s Car BU. However, the latter believed that there was limited cooperation potential between the two parties and politely declined. As a result, both sides did not enter into substantial investment processes.

DJI Carrying currently focuses on the “cost-effectiveness” route and has launched a new generation of intelligent driving solution called “Chengxing Platform”. It achieves urban NOA (Navigate on Autopilot) without relying on high-precision maps and LiDAR, and will soon be mass-produced.

DJI stated that, thanks to the characteristics of the “Chengxing Platform” which maximizes the potential of hardware under limited resources and power constraints, advanced intelligent driving functions can be achieved. This means that vehicles with various power modes can be equipped with advanced intelligent driving capabilities, and the results of this trend will gradually be introduced to consumers this year.

Previously, DJI Automotive has been installed on the Baojun Cloudy Rhino Edition car. It uses an 8-megapixel inertial dual-camera with four surround-view cameras and one rear monocular camera as its core perception hardware. It adopts the “mapless” mode, abandoning high-precision maps, to achieve the implementation of advanced intelligent driving nationwide.

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