Disinfection Robotics Company PeroPure Raises Nearly $10M in New Funds

Chinese health technology firm PeroPure has successively completed Pre-A and Pre-A+ rounds of financing, with investment from DCM and ZhenFund, respectively. The two rounds have raised a total of nearly $10 million in new funds, to be allocated for the iteration of existing products, research and development of disinfection robots, team expansion and market development.

As China pushes for the adoption of regular pandemic prevention and control measures, in addition to carbon neutrality, as general trends guiding medium-and-long-term policies, the domestic society has increasing demand for environmental health and safety.

Chen Zhihua, founder and CEO of PeroPure, earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford University. Initially, the team noticed that some developing African countries count on large amounts of disinfectants for hygiene needs. Thus, they developed equipment for disinfection using only air and water, which can be applied in influenza elimination.

In 2019, Chen Zhihua founded PeroPure in the US jointly with several core team members, aiming to achieve disinfection and purification with air and water. At the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China. The PeroPure team realized the importance of public health infrastructure construction and was determined to put its core technology into real life.

ElectroPero, the core technology of PeroPure, is the result of the team’s research after eight years of efforts. In simple terms, ElectroPero uses an electrochemical oxidation-reduction method, causing air and water to react immediately. This method can effectively kill and decompose viruses, bacteria, organic pollutants and harmful gases on the surface and in the air.

In application, PeroPure manages the concentration of hydrogen peroxide within a safe range at all times, so that people and machines can coexist in the same time and space. In contrast, other chemical sprays require that people leave the space before disinfection can take place.

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At present, PeroPure mainly has two sub-brands, namely, “Peidun” and “Xiaoye.” For enterprises, Peidun brands have launched air disinfection machines and air disinfection robots. For consumers, Xiaoye brands target advanced oral care, and will introduce advanced electric toothbrushes, professional dental punches and other oral cleaning products.

PeroPure now has basically mass produced its products, and can independently produce core reactors and other components needed in its supply chain.