DingTalk Reportedly to Launch Video Channel

TMTPOST reported on Tuesday that it has learned from several sources that Alibaba Group’s free intelligent office communications platform DingTalk was developing a new video product for enterprises, mainly in the form of short videos and livestreaming.

TMTPOST learned from DingTalk’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) partner that it has a clear intended positioning for the project, with marketing customers and content services for enterprises as the focus, without much relation to consumer ends. Strict thresholds and standards will also be set for the entry and operation of “Video Channel.”

A DingTalk insider disclosed recently that Zhejiang University – which used DingTalk’s video channel for livestreaming its 125th anniversary – and Xiaomi and OPPO will also hold online conferences in DingTalk.

DingTalk responded that its Video Channel was an attempt to explore the connection between organizations, to link its19 million enterprise users in DingTalk, and to enable customers and ecological partners to complete transactions in a closed loop within DingTalk.

DingTalk corporate customers can share knowledge, internal presentations and employee training through Video Channel. Externally, Video Channel can realize the rapid implementation of online recruitment, cloud exhibition and launch events. For upstream and downstream enterprises, they can carry out various types of services such as product presentation, placing orders, marketing promotion and knowledge training.

With regard to the entry threshold, currently, any enterprise on DingTalk can apply for Video Channel, on the premise of completing organization certification. Besides, only the administrator can apply for access, and they cannot use the channel unless the audit is completed.

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In the past two years, DingTalk has launched several content-based products in such fields as private domain community operation, workplace communication and official corporate WeChat accounts. DingTalk has been constantly exploring the connection effect between organizations. As for the Video Channel, it brings an open relationship chain, which can establish new relationships besides work relations and between colleagues.